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Intelligence 2

Product Description

Intelligence 2, the Second prototype which is the successor of its previous generation. With better specification and build, Intelligence 2 will be able to feed your desire to win.

Having parts that are the most value for money, it can let you enjoy decent FPS with Max settings on most of the games at 1080P.

We will list the recommended parts below to let you get the best value out of the gaming pc as well.

All Feronx PC comes with individual parts warranty, do take note on each part warranty stated below (Yrs).


Games Benchmarks at 1080P Gaming

CSGO (MAX): 142FPS (Average)
Fortnite (MAX): 117FPS (Average)
PUBG (MAX): 74FPS (Average)
GTA V (MAX): 73.5 (Average)
Dota 2 (MAX): 110FPS (Average)
Overwatch (MAX): 99FPS (Average)

All benchmark is taken from https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/.

Ordering the PC

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Enjoy Free Delivery when full payment its made via bank transfer.
Bank details will be emailed to you once the order has been confirmed.

Deposit option is available. Minimum 30% of the total price.
You can choose to have self-collect at our shop or have it delivered to your address at $30 flat rate.
You can pay the rest in Cash/Paynow upon Self-Collection/Delivery.

Credit Card Payments come with a 3% Surcharge.

All delivery comes with on-site setup for your PC.

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