Graphics Card

On PC, the graphics card will make or break your gaming experience. Sure, your monitor and your mouse matter, but a decent GPU is the difference between barely managing 30fps at the lowest settings and pulling off the glorious 4K 60fps gold standard. Take a look around!

Mining Rig

Price: SGD$2250

Cryptocurrency might be new to most of us, but you might have heard of Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency that was release back in 2009. With current technology, cryptocurrency has become an profitable investment. By investing in mining rigs, you are able to make daily profits that can accumulate up to 3-4 figures monthly, depending on the price of the cryptocurrency being mined.


Price: SGD$2399

Ever wanted to be at the top amongst other major competitor? Now you have the chance to sit on the Throne! (Not literally sit on it of course!) The throne has only served kings around the world, but this time it's your turn.